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Every academic year, selected departments and agencies are invited to nominate civilian applicants in the grades of GS-14/15 or equivalent for admission to the College of Naval Warfare and civilian applicants in the grade of GS-13 or equivalent for admission to the College of Naval Command and Staff. Admission for civilian students nominated to the resident program requires a formal application to the Naval War College.  

The Registrar and the Academic Department Heads screen and recommend applicants based on their academic accomplishments, professional achievements and their potential to complete the program. The Associate Provost is the approval authority for civilian student admission. 

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed application form (PDF).
  2. Transcripts from baccalaureate and advanced degrees.
  3. Minimum of a secret security clearance.
  4. Biography or resume to include education and relevant work history (limited to two pages).
  5. Two letters of recommendation (LOR), at least one from a direct supervisor addressing communications skills both written and oral. A board nomination letter may be submitted in lieu of these LOR’s if candidate is selected by panel.
  6. Sample written essay addressing how you would benefit from participating in a Professional Military Education (PME) program offered at the U.S. Naval War College and how other students, especially military personnel, would benefit from your unique civilian agency perspective (limited to two pages).