Thomas D. Belchik, Select One

Assist and Assess Team College of Maritime Operational Warfare
Lt. Cmdr., U.S. Navy
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Lt. Cmdr. Thomas D. Belchik is currently serving as the Naval Planning Process SME on the Assist & Assess Team under College of Maritime Operational Warfare. He has held multiple submarine officer positions at sea and within the United States. Designated as a Master Training Specialist, he has experience in leading Operational Planning Teams in Joint as well as multinational missions and exercises.

Areas of Expertise

  • Military Planning
  • Submarine Warfare

Professional Highlights


Mission and Exercise Planner, U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command


Student, USNWC Maritime Advanced Warfighting School


Engineering Officer, USS PROVIDENCE SSN 719


Company Officer, United States Naval Academy


Assistant Engineer, USS MARYLAND SSBN 738B


M.A., United States Naval War College, 2015, National Security and Strategic Studies

M.P.S., University of Maryland, 2009, Leadership, Education, and Development

B.S., University of Illinois, 2003, Nuclear Engineering

News, Media, & Events

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Starship Poseidon Summer STEM Camp

Jul. 14, 2019
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Naval Station, U.S. Naval War College, 686 Cushing Road, Newport, RI 02841

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